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Wardrobe Detox

Recommended for everyone.

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but find yourself saying things like this?

“I have nothing to wear!”
“I hate all this stuff”
“I feel so daggy and frumpy in these”

Don’t worry – we have all been there! And we have found that the best solution is to have a wardrobe detox with one of our experts!
Your wardrobe can be the physical manifestation of your past and your mindset. By clearing the energy in the deepest corners there you will find new confidence and a greater understanding of yourself – inside and out.
– Wardrobe breakdown – this takes 1-2 hours and is a time that we can go through all the items in your wardrobe together. If you don’t wear it,
“hate” it or it doesn’t fit – it shouldn’t be there. Your wardrobe is a reflection of you and your mindset. It can be incredibly freeing to do a detox.

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