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Haley Hoover

Success Coach

My personal wardrobe, yes—but also my entire brand, self image and inner confidence would quickly and almost magically transform! Tillie heard me as I described the woman and business owner I aspired to be, and very intentionally brought her from the inside out. I now feel confident with what I wear and when.  I feel a new level of success in myself, my brand and my business. It’s INCREDIBLE how this outer-turned-inner change has attracted exactly the type of clients I desired to attract before working with Tillie. I feel like my image is a magnet to those I desire to serve. The best part? That image came from within me, I just didn’t know she was already here and ready to shine! Matilda did wonders for my whole essence!

If you are ready to step into the image of yourself you have in your heart, and confidently call in the clients, customers and partners you desire to work with, it’s time to book a call with Matilda Morgan. She will literally rock your world from the very first session.

Laura Maltez Cacau

Money Mindset Coach

Working with Matilda was super fun and made me fell like a million dollar entrepreneur. In few hours of conversation, Matilda was able to understand my offers and enlightened me with great tips for my image.

I knew that an image is worth a thousand words but I never realized how colours, cuts and fabrics can tell so much about us! Thank you Matilda in assist me to match my image with my contribution so I can finally attract aligned customers!!

Arabelle Yee

Int’l Speaker, Life Coach & 7-figure Entrepreneur

As a super busy entrepreneur + single parent + leader of a huge global community, I never enjoyed clothes shopping or spending time thinking of what to wear. It was always just click and buy what I thought was good.

Until I met Matilda.

She taught me how we are communicating to others all the time through the clothing that we wear. I also realised who I was ‘trying’ to be instead of really expressing my authentic self.

Working together with her helped me bring out my attitude and fun whilst maintaining my warmness. This has not only created visual boundaries for myself, it has also been a strong foundation of how I am rebranding myself for future growth. 

Working with Matilda has changed the game for me, and I highly recommend her if you are serious about up-leveling your branding.

Megan Chalidis

I want to say the biggest thank you to you for giving me the most incredible gift - for reminding me of my authentic beauty and for teaching me how to love not only the clothes that I am wearing, but the skin I'm in. This has been one of the best gifts I have received in 2020. I cannot put words to how much this experience has changed the way I feel about myself, all because one person saw something that my eyes weren't yet trained to see.

I am so grateful for your exceptional talent; and your ability to see and distil a person's essence into a style that feels uniquely, and radiantly 'them'. Thank you for seeing me!

All my love

Elizabeth Anne Walker

CEO Elizabeth Anne Walker Coaching

When you get serious about branding you call Matilda Morgan she is awesome and has annihilated my wardrobe in preparation for what’s to come!!! Thanks Tillie!!

Megan Johnston

Kinesiologist at Megan Johnston Heart Alchemist

Matilda is the embodiment of style. Working with Matilda was fun. While she is straight to the point, she certainly has an eye for the way things look and her knowledge of the industry is incredible. As an energy practitioner I have spent a lot of hours making my heart and internal world feel beautiful, but I was at a complete loss to match that on the external and in alignment with my soul business. What I clearly remember is putting on the first outfit we ordered online and feeling a new level of confidence, from here I went on to order several new outfits all of which I have received many compliments on. Working with Matilda DID take me to my NEXT LEVEL within myself and my soul business. Thank you.

Jodie Creek

Wildlife Educator, Speaker, Mother & Director of Zoo to You and Australian Wildlife Education

"Whilst in the process of taking my online programs to the world, I knew that my personal brand and appearance would be vital. As wildlife educator of 20 years I have founded two successful businesses (Zoo To You & Australian Wildlife Education) and taught 100,000’s of children. Developing a strong personal brand with the help of Matilda has given me clarity in how I appear to my audience in any situation, more importantly it’s given me the tools to choose how I want to appear for them. It is amazing to think that this has been achieved by simply focusing on my clothing and style. Since working with Matilda, I have a completely different wardrobe that shows who I am AND is comfortable to wear for my busy lifestyle. You can’t ignore the power of your visual brand, if you want to take your business into new markets, hands down – work with Matilda."

ID Style Client


Grain industry logistics

Really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Tillie Morgan to step up my style!
Not only did she break down my clothing style and give me ideas on how to rework my wardrobe, she also helped me realize how I carry myself and how it will alter other people's views of me. I found it so valuable in how I can apply it in all aspects of my life and what’s to come!

ID Style Client

Kristine Fjelldal

PHD scholar for Aus tourism and uni tutor

I felt amazing all day at the conference and during the presentation - I felt powerful and that I fit in but was also me. Thanks so much!
I will definitely look more at my clothes and find others that make me feel like that.

Sean Massoudi

Licensed Real estate and Auctioneer Agent

Angela is truly a remarkable person, I came across her through friends and I’m glad I met her because she is the perfect person for styling. She has helped me transform my brand image and my personal style to a world class level. I highly recommend her to absolutely everyone.


Licensed Real estate and Auctioneer Agent

My experience of a personal style call with Matilda was warm, professional, honest and personal. She gave me insightful feedback on my image and followed that up with applied tools to further develop upon my online presence. She was able to reflect back to me how my lack of clarity in my own world is being reflected in my online presence, which makes perfect sense! Sometimes it just takes someone to point it out to you, she has since provided me with the tools to further develop clarity, detox my wardrobe and let go of what no longer serves me and really opened my eyes to the energetics around what we wear, even the energy that our clothes hold! I look forward to working with her further. Thank you Matilda!

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