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Women's Only

OH! A Yummy Pear 😉 !
Being a Pear means that you, lucky lady, have a lovely curvy butt. Topped off with delicate features around the waist and chest.
Our aim is to create balance by bringing attention to your top half so that it will align with your bottom half beautifully.
So, how can you dress to make you look and feel amazing? And more importantly, how can you do it whilst creating a powerful image that will position you effectively to your audience?
It’s all about the balance! As a Pear you want to take advantage of your amazing curves whilst making sure you don’t feel bottom heavy.
You can begin doing this in a few ways; 
Bring focus your shoulders using wider necklines that will balance your shape.
Be mindful of where your tops end as they can make you seem wider than you are.

As you learn more about your unique Pear shape and attributes you will be able to create a personal image that will stand out. Curious? WATCH the video attached and DOWNLOAD the PDF guide that accompanies it (link below).

look amazing and feel as fab as ever

We can help you to find a perfect style for your body type

Women come in all shapes and sizes and finding clothes that are flattering your specific body type can get challenging. This is where our services come to your aid. “FREE” Book a session with one of our style specialists and let them help you to find your style.