Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless of whether you want to create a strong personal brand for your business or whether you feel stuck personally (impacting your business and life) – change all begins in the wardrobe. Especially when considering your clothing style.

An audit will help us establish where your gaps are so we can adjust and move to create a sustainable wardrobe filled with items that inspire you.

Whilst we specialise in sourcing items from purpose-driven, ethical brands – a sustainable wardrobe can take many meanings. And doesn’t mean that you will only be wearing linen and natural dyed hemps if that’s not your thing! Sustainable means buying things that will suit you and last past a few wears – we can help you get clarity on what to invest in and where to source each item from. Being sustainable in your style is as individual as you are.

  • This will reduce how much you spend on clothing as we can clearly focus in on needs and on what works for you.
  • It allows you to connect with your clothing and let go of items that don’t show who you are, these items can hold onto past trauma or perceptions of self that no longer serve. These can hinder both personal and brand development. Likewise, items can hold joy and strength and we want to bring these out of the dark!

A shopping trip with a brand stylist is an opportunity to gain laser focus on what works for you to create confidence.

As brand stylists we can also tap into what works for your audience and help ensure that your image is not causing unnecessary confusion in potential buyers or repelling who you want to attract. We cover both personal AND brand aspects to create a whole image for you the convey.

It’s important to realise that what you wear affects how you feel and hold yourself – this is amplified to those around you. Our role is to help you create a clear process that you can action and focus on YOUR genius.

This process will

  • Prevent overwhelm when shopping for an aligned style in the future.
  • Prevent spending on items that don’t fit you or suit you.
  • Enable you to quickly style yourself for a variety of important events including meetings, interviews, networking, travel, conferences, dinner with friends etc etc

Having someone with an objective and professional expert eye looking at your wardrobe with you and shopping with you can make all the difference to not only your image but your life.

These are just a few of the many reasons for engaging a Personal Brand Stylist to make your life easier and to give you piece of mind along with newfound confidence, clarity and fun!

Our role as Personal Brand Stylists is to guide you in making decisions about your existing wardrobe. You make the final decision about what to get rid of, store away, give to a friend or relative, have altered, or keep. Often many “not working” pieces can be gorgeously worn by giving it a slight alteration whether that be by getting it tailored to your shape or hemmed. Your Personal Brand Stylist has a discerning eye and can advise on any garment that you may want to salvage and that is salvageable.

We can also help you understand what hasn’t worked in the past. Sometimes it can be colour tones or cuts that don’t suit your body. Without knowledge of this how can you see it?

Personal Brand Stylists/Shoppers do not impose their tastes on you — that's critical to know. An important part of the process is to work with your body, your goals and your brand – that way, together we can create a style that gives you confidence and shows an expression of your unique self. That said choosing where to shop is a collaborative effort. We guide you based on your lifestyle, location, body shape, personal style, brand and budget. We can shop at any store from mainstream department stores to mid-range and high-end fashion boutiques along with designer collections.

We can also help you source items online. This can require a slightly different approach but is great when options are not available near you in what you want.

We find its important to find items that align with your values and ethics. We are all different in this – but as specialists in purpose-driven ethical brands we will endeavour to source from these where possible. You’ll be surprised at the amount of brands that will suit your budget and style in sustainable brands.
In the end our role is as consultant and the final decision lies with you. We are there to help advise you on what fabrics, brands and styles are used and their story – you will find this is incredibly empowering to wear.
Please note that if you use our shopping service, we will not source from fast fashion brands. Any fast fashion purchases or purchases made from brands that don’t align with our values will need to be made by you. This is in accordance with our personal and brand values. Again, we realise everyone is different and we respect that.

That's completely up to you. Some clients lay things out that they are particularly interested in looking at and others just open their closet doors and we start at the very beginning!
We’ve found what works best is having a Yes, No and Maybe pile from everything from your Shoes, Clothes and Accessories as we can then not only asses each piece you own but also match things up together to give some extra insight as to what works with what in your wardrobe from styles, colours and individual pieces.
Clients often find they have many hidden treasures they never knew they could utilise well. It’s quite fun and exciting when things that had previously been dismissed are all of a sudden rediscovered and worn as a staple piece, often eliminating the need of buying something that they thought was missing.

We work with bodies of all sizes and shapes. We know for a fact that, regardless of size and shape, you can create a stand-out style. Our goal as Personal Brand Stylists is to help you express your full self!

Just one thing. As Personal Brand Stylists, we have one shopping rule: You must try on anything we ask you to try on. You don't have to buy it, but trying it on can be eye opening and expand your options of colours, styles, accessories and fabrics that look fabulous on you!

This rule is likewise when we are in your wardrobe! This is a very visual area – so we rely on seeing what really works and what doesn’t. Both of us.

We will help create a safe environment for you to try on new or old styles and help give voice to what brings you out.

Working with ID Style or a personal brand stylist, allows you to gain invaluable knowledge from an expert whose skills are at your disposal to give you insights and tools into how to style yourself. For e.g. which cuts and colours flatter your body shape and portray the visual representation of how you want to be perceived.

By identifying key items or staple pieces to have in your wardrobe and identifying any gaps allows a reference point to know what to look for when out shopping and where to go to enable you to create an array of incredible outfits!

Ultimately ID Style arms you with a multitude of options that fit your personal style and brand - not only saving you time and money but also give you knowledge of how to make conscious choices in the future!

A style consultation with ID Style is a truly a conversation like no other. Over a coffee or online, you and one of our stylist’s will sit down, discuss your individual requirements and really get an understanding of the outcomes you’re hoping to achieve around your personal brand style. This is a really organic way for us both to build connection and form a relationship that allows you to be supported in your new journey.

There, of course, is no time like the present!

  • If you feel like you need clarity and calm in your daily entrepreneurial chaos.
  • Or want to find your inner confidence,
  • be reassured in your clothing investments
  • or leap into a TOTAL transformation of your brand?

Then working with the expert stylists at ID Style will help you step into the best version of YOU, every single day. Start a conversation today that could truly change your life.

When out shopping it is your (the client’s) responsibility to pay for the new clothing you wish to purchase. As the budget is set by the you during the style consultation, it is our job to ensure amazing outfit options are created to work with your personal style, budget and personal outcomes.

With the main focus really being about providing invaluable education and empowered learning to building your shopping skills so you can confidently shop and dress for yourself in the future.

NOTE: it’s a good idea to create a budget with a bit of room to move. We can help with creating a realistic budget. And if you are on a tight one we can help focus down to invest on the essentials.

Absolutely! Our client demographic includes both male and female clients range from sizes 4 to 24.
The number on the tag isn’t a representation of how we see or assess each garment. Likewise, the number on the measuring tape doesn’t impact on how we see you. Ultimately, in our eye’s the most important factor is how it makes you client feel and how it fits.

With the incredible tool technology provides, this allows us to conduct style consultations for those situated outside of the QLD's metro area and can be conducted via Google, Facetime, Zoom or over the phone (we do require a visual chat – not just audio). Upon request, we do also travel interstate to undertake sessions with clients however a travel fee will apply and this will need to be discussed on an individual basis.

For international clients we are restricted to online only at the moment. Please note that as we specialise in online shopping and have contacts around the world – there is always something we can do!

Not sure where to start and just look at your wardrobe or personal branding strategy with dread? That’s OK! We offer programs that can help you get clear on where you want to go before we start investing in clothing. You will find that the wardrobe audit can be very helpful for this as well. If we don’t believe we can help you – no matter what stage you are at -  than we will be happy suggest experts that can.