For Men & Women

Do It Yourself Style Finder

Recommended for those seeking to level up their style on a budget.

When you find yourself at a loss every time you get dressed, or dread the idea of shopping to replace old, worn out items. Whether you are doing it to help drive your business and brand forward or just because you need some personal change
– having a conscious shift in how you connect with your clothing can help you look good and feel full on confidence.
You, and what you wear are the first things that are seen and noticed. This can impact your mindset and influence the minds of others that see you. What you wear is powerful.

We have designed this as a do-it-yourself online program that you will be able to shift into a stronger clothing style that will show you and the world who you are – beginning right at home.

This includes:
– Short videos to help you

    • Measure yourself
    • Find your colour palette
    • What to wear
    • Do your own wardrobe detox

– PDF Printable

    • How to find your body type (shape, colour palette)
    • How to use your style type to connect to those around you
    • How to find your cuts and outfit go to options
    • How to reconnect with your wardrobe

– BONUS Facebook Group Community

    • Join our exclusive FB group where you will be able to ask more questions and get insights as we all learn together. Plus any bonus trainings we do!

Both PP Reset and Do-it-yourself 99$

First style consultation is free "Limited one per customer". T&Cs applies.