I’m  Angela Arbab. 

Style Specialist &-
B&W Production Manager


about me

After completing my MBA from Sweden and years of studying Fashion Design with a Milan based institute, I realized that the retail and fashion industries can be incredibly cruel at times and yet it can create so many benefits and help us if we jump on the right path. That’s why I have chosen to work exclusively with ethical, slow and purpose driven fashion labels.
Today, I am Boo & Westley’s Production Manager and a Stylist with Impact Driven Style – all part of the Slow Cartel family. With my Marketing background as well as fashion and styling knowledge you can rest assured that I will be able to help you create a style that shows YOU.


MY Skills

Visual branding & personal styling experience
Ability to interpret branding into an authentic style
Understanding different body shapes and colour schemes
Experience in fashion design & garment pattern making
Knowledge of global fashion trends
Experience working with female & male CEOs, entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers
Experience in reinterpreting wardrobes into a curated style
Access to international purpose-driven, ethical labels


what i do!

You may have an idea of who you are and what your personality is,

But does your style represent this?

So often we don’t really know what the answer is, as this is not our area of expertise or we think our style is aligned with our brand but still something isn’t quite right. I believe your style can create a massive difference throughout your life, done effectively it introduces you before you even speak. It sets the desired vibe to your audience, resulting in trust, a bond, a stronger relationship. And it affirms your message to your clients and helps them recall you in the future. I can help with this.




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What Angela's clients have to say!

She took me to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” What a PHENOMENAL experience my session with Professional Stylist Angela Arbab was! I didn’t know what to expect, but she immediately took command and had obviously done her research, studying my social media pages. Her wisdom behind why how we look matters was so insightful, especially when it comes to our work and attracting our ideal clients. Every image we share about ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world in person tells a story. With her exceptional eye and intuitive nature Angela was able to define my “signature style,” (not easy as I go between bohemian hippie goddess and cowgirl) and lucky me it includes red lipstick, cat eyes and pearls! My true style has always been vintage. She gets me. Thank you Angela! You are a rock star and I am taking all your thoughtful advice, as you can see! I HIGHLY recommend working with Angela! She will help you be the best version of yourself possible in a way that makes you memorable, original and authentic.
I am a confident person and usually other’s opinions about me, don’t affect me, this wrong idea made me pay less attention into my appearance, and because of that I used to get lots of negative comments as well as suggestions or laughter. A couple of months ago, I went to buy some office wear and if it was left to me, I would choose rough colors and check if it fits and it would be done but thanks to Angela we got deeper and chose according to my personality, my message and my authentic brand. Since then I got lots of positive feedback and I feel even more confident because of those comments. This is the reason I asked Angela to help me detox my wardrobe and help me choose different styles for different occasions and roles I have since there are ranges to my responsibilities as a corporate guy, an author, a speaker, night sky photographer, a Karate Master and Judge and much more so you can imagine how very busy I am. I am happy to step in this new world of color and fabric and the science behind them, and I want to thank Angela for helping me in my style journey.
Angela is truly a remarkable person, I came across her through friends and I’m glad I met her because she is the perfect person for styling. She has helped me transform my brand image and my personal style to a world class level. I highly recommend her to absolutely everyone.
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