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Your style, or what we call “image” in business is quite simply the easiest way to introduce yourself & your offer anywhere you go. It also happens to be one of the most impactful.
So, amazing lady, who are people being introduced to when they get that first glimpse of you?
Your personal image can do a few things in this particular second. It can tell your audience you’re not the right solution for them OR it you can make sure they seek you out as a must-have investment.
Imagine being able to use this kind of communication to your advantage? Wouldn’t that be awesome?! For both your brand and personal life?
By now, you may be wondering, OK this is intriguing – a strategic image of myself that I can use across all areas of my life. But, will it suit the stage I’m up too?
In short, it doesn’t matter what stage you are at. Up levelling your personal image will help any action taking entrepreneurial women to make more money and impact. FACT.

Our Story
Who is behind ID Style?



Matilda Morgan

Hey, I’m Matilda Morgan and I am style specialist. I have founded ID Style to help boss women to get their business to next level. *Read more…

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Humbling Words
From Awesome People

Haley Hoover

Success Coach

My personal wardrobe, yes—but also my entire brand, self image and inner confidence would quickly and almost magically transform, Read more…

Arabelle Yee

Int’l Speaker, Life Coach & 7-figure Entrepreneur

As a super busy entrepreneur + single parent + leader of a huge global community, I never enjoyed clothes shopping or spending time thinking of what to wear. Read more…

Megan Chalidis

Conscience Coach

I want to say the biggest thank you to you for giving me the most incredible gift – for reminding me of my authentic beauty and for teaching me, Read more…

Elizabeth Anne Walker

CEO Elizabeth Anne Walker Coaching

When you get serious about branding you call Matilda Morgan she is awesome and has annihilated my wardrobe in preparation for what’s to come! Thanks, Tillie!

Megan Johnston

Kinesiologist at Megan Johnston Heart Alchemist

Matilda is the embodiment of style. Working with Matilda was fun. While she is straight to the point, she certainly has an eye for the way things look and her knowledge, Read more…

Jodie Creek

Wildlife Educator, Speaker, Mother & Director of Zoo to You and Australian Wildlife Education

Whilst in the process of taking my online programs to the world, I knew that my personal brand and appearance would be vital. As a wildlife educator of 20 years, Read more…

Laura Maltez Cacau

Money Mindset Coach

Working with Matilda was super fun and made me fell like a million dollar entrepreneur. In few hours of conversation, Matilda was able to understand my offers and enlightened me with great tips for my image. Read more…


Licensed Real estate and Auctioneer Agent

My experience of a personal style call with Matilda was warm, professional, honest and personal. She gave me insightful feedback on my image and followed that up with applied tools to further develop my online presence. Read more…

ID Style Client

Kristine Fjelldal

PHD scholar for Aus tourism and uni tutor

I felt amazing all day at the conference and during the presentation – I felt powerful and that I fit in but was also me. Thanks so much!
I will definitely look more at my clothes and find others that make me feel like that. be vital.

We have a
program for you if

-you have 6-7 figure business and want to expand further with another marketing asset under your belt.

-you want to reposition yourself as the leader in your niche.


-you are a founder of a rapidly growing start-up that wants to stand out from the crowd.


-you want to be seen in your best light when appearing online.


-you are pivoting your business and need new clarity.


-You may or may not know the importance of self-image and don’t know where to start.

-you’re finding yourself on more stages (online and off) and are overwhelmed by what to wear.


show them who you are

What’s incredible about investing in your personal image and brand is that you will learn how to authentically show who you are, without the stress.
So just imagine yourself for a second in the future, having done this work, and feeling the confidence in your whole self, the sense of comfort and strength in how you appear. Knowing that you are successfully calling in your ideal clients.
And, now imagine that you have this sense of ease – not just when you are alone, but when you are in front of your team, in front of your clients and prospects, and also in front of 1000’s of people.

That’s the potential of investing in your image and we are here to help for those willing to stand up and be seen.

Let’s do this xx

We Help You To Boost Your


What will you gain?

Our aim is for you to finish your session feeling confident and ready to take your business to the next level.


Establish clarity and consistency for you to express your personal brand and create impact.


We discover your audience and branding so that a process and style can begin to be created.


Visit current style and items to establish what has worked and what no longer aligns. Identify patterns and gaps in items.


Create a digital wardrobe (photo library) that can be used by both of us to clearly see what is in the wardrobe.

We Speed up Your Brand



Create a shopping list for you to review and purchase.


Event focus (You can request focus on key opportunities and events upcoming for you.)


Find unique body and amazing attributes.


Assess your online image and how to begin bringing it into aligned with their audience and brand.


We identify other people or businesses to act as inspiration.


Consistent Content and Appearance Creation (Together we will outline when and where to wear clothing to communicate with audience.)

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You want more clarity on your personal brand and Image

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We work together to create a visual portfolio for you and your brand, including online presence, social media content, meetings and events. We want you to feel confident and look amazing anytime, anywhere so you get the impact you’re looking for personally and in business.

You haven't enjoyed shopping for a long time

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We get it, visiting malls or scrolling through online stores with seemingly endless options can completely overwhelm many of us. This is even worse if you don’t like it or have the time to do it! We can help create crystal clarity so you know exactly what to invest in and when, or we can do it for you.

You dread your wardrobe and don't feel anything suits you

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Feeling completely uninspired by the items in your wardrobe? Don’t know where to start in curating a collection you will love to wear every day? You’re not alone and you are ready for change. We can help.

You don't know what to buy for your body Shape

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Knowing what works best for you can save you $ and time. Dressing in clothing that suits your body shape and it’s colours will have a massive impact on your confidence and life. It’s time to celebrate your unique self.

Perfect New


You have been through a big life change, how will the new you be seen?

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Our bodies change as our lives change, for better or worse. Sometimes moving into these different stages can leave us completely overwhelmed. Dressing where you are NOW is incredibly powerful for your mindset, why wouldn’t you give yourself the best chance possible for this next stage?

You want to get the attention of a new market

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You have a secure place in your current market and now it’s time to look for more leads. One of the fastest ways to get traction in a new market is through what you wear. Are you ready?

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