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After completing my MBA from Sweden and years of studying Fashion Design with a Milan based institute, I realized that the retail and fashion industries can be incredibly cruel at times and yet it can…

Style Specialist & B & W Product Manager

Angela Arbab

I bring a decade of experience in international business and fashion into my styling. Beginning my journey studying International Business & Supply Chain Management at Melbourne University and RMIT…

Style Specialist & CEO & Founder Slow Cartel

Matilda Morgan

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Brand Styling Accelerator

Recommended for entrepreneurs and business owners.

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Wardrobe Detox

Recommended for everyone.

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Online Style Shopping

Recommended for people with busy schedule. 

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Online Style Breakdown

Recommended for online business owners.

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Brand Profile Reset

Recommended for those who want their online profile picture to get through. 

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Do It Yourself Style Finder

Recommended for those seeking to level up their style on a budget.

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Personal Styling

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1:1 Direct Consultation

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If you are aiming to accelerate your presence and make an impactful and memorable statement but get puzzled how to start
We also specialise in helping entrepreneurs create an impactful style that aligns with their brand, themselves & their values.


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ID Style Client

Really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Tillie Morgan to step up my style!
Not only did she break down my clothing style and give me ideas on how to rework my wardrobe, she also helped me realize how I carry myself and how it will alter other people’s views of me. I found it so valuable in how I can apply it in all aspects of my life and what’s to come!”


Grain industry logistics

ID Style Client

I felt amazing all day at the conference and during the presentation – I felt powerful and that I fit in but was also me. Thanks so much!
I will definitely look more at my clothes and find others that make me feel like that.”

Kristine Fjelldal

PHD scholar for Aus tourism and uni tutor

My experience of a personal style call with Tillie was warm, professional, honest and personal. She gave me insightful feedback on my image and followed that up with applied tools to further develop upon my online presence. She was able to reflect back to me how my lack of clarity in my own world is being reflected in my online presence, which makes perfect sense! Sometimes it just takes someone to point it out to you, she has since provided me with the tools to further develop clarity, detox my wardrobe and let go of what no longer serves me and really opened my eyes to the energetics around what we wear, even the energy that our clothes hold! I look forward to working with her further. Thank you Tillie!”


Licensed Real estate and Auctioneer Agent

ID Style Client

She took me to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”
What a PHENOMENAL experience my session with Professional Stylist Angela Arbab was! I didn’t know what to expect, but she immediately took command and had obviously done her research, studying my social media pages. Her wisdom behind why how we look matters was so insightful, especially when it comes to our work and attracting our ideal clients. Every image we share about ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world in person tells a story. With her exceptional eye and intuitive nature Angela was able to define my “signature style,” (not easy as I go between bohemian hippie goddess and cowgirl) and lucky me it includes red lipstick, cat eyes and pearls! My true style has always been vintage. She gets me.
Thank you Angela! You are a rock star and I am taking all your thoughtful advice, as you can see!
I HIGHLY recommend working with Angela! She will help you be the best version of yourself possible in a way that makes you memorable, original and authentic.”

Laura Reid

Founder and CEO of Storyforth

ID Style Client

I am a confident person and usually other’s opinions about me, don’t affect me, this wrong idea made me pay less attention into my appearance, and because of that I used to get lots of negative comments as well as suggestions or laughter.

A couple of months ago, I went to buy some office wear and if it was left to me, I would choose rough colors and check if it fits and it would be done but thanks to Angela we got deeper and chose according to my personality, my message and my authentic brand.

Since then I got lots of positive feedback and I feel even more confident because of those comments.
This is the reason I asked Angela to help me detox my wardrobe and help me choose different styles for different occasions and roles I have since there are ranges to my responsibilities as a corporate guy, an author, a speaker, night sky photographer, a Karate Master and Judge and much more so you can imagine how very busy I am. I am happy to step in this new world of color and fabric and the science behind them, and I want to thank Angela for helping me in my style journey.”

Arshia Gerami

Solution Architect at Schlumberger

ID Style Client

Angela is truly a remarkable person, I came across her through friends and I’m glad I met her because she is the perfect person for styling. She has helped me transform my brand image and my personal style to a world class level. I highly recommend her to absolutely everyone.”

Sean Massoudi

Licensed Real estate and Auctioneer Agent